What is a Fiance(e) K-1 or K-2 Visa?

The K-1 fiance visa allows your foreign fiance to come and marry you in the US.  The first step is to file form I-129F Petition for Alien Fiance(e). Once you meet eligibility requirements, it’s time to prepare and submit.  


How to file and submit the I-129F
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I-129F evidence of Intent to marry usually a letter for your fiance k1 visa

Evidence of meeting your fiance(e) for the K1 visa Petition I-129f

I-129F Question 34a circumstances under which you met for the fiance k1 visa


K-1 visa application (Embassy stage)
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✔ Medical Exam

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✔ Affidavit of Support

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✔ Fix all Red Flags

✔ The day of Your K-1 visa interview

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Who is a Fiance(e)?

A fiance (male) or fiancee (female) is someone engaged to you. To be considered a fiance(e) for the K-1 visa, you simply must have physically met within two (2) years before filing the I-129F.  That’s it.

What is a fiance visa ? it's meant for a US citizen to sponsor his or her fiance(e) to marry and live in the US


What is a Fiance(e) K-1 visa? Are you eligible?

If you are a U.S. citizen with a foreign fiance(e) then you can file for a Fiance(e) K-1 visa and marry him/her in the U.S.  You, the U.S. citizen, must file the I-129F and eventually your fiance(e) will be approved for a K-1 Visa.

Both of you must be legally allowed to marry in the U.S. To begin the process, see K-1 visa requirements and then check the K-1 visa guide.  The K-1 is considered a non-immigrant visa.

your fiance(e) can join you in the u.s. with a k-1 visa

What is a K-2 Visa?

Does your foreign fiance(e) have children?

Once your fiance(e) is approved for a K-1 visa, then his/her children (if any) will get a K-2 visa.  In other words, if your fiance(e) has chid(ren) under 21 years-old, then they will be issued a K-2 visa to travel with them.

Find out complete information about the K2 Visa process.


Is there an annual numerical limit to K-1 Visas?

The National Visa Center (NVC) has annual visa quotas and cannot exceed a certain amount.  Meaning not everyone who is approved gets a visa right away. But don’t worry…  

Fortunately, most family-based visas (like K-1) are not restricted.  So, this means when you’re fiance(e) is approved for a visa, the visa issue process will begin immediately.  He/she won’t have to wait until a visa is available at the next period.


Why file a fiance(e) visa and not a marriage visa (IR1 or CR1)?

For many reasons, you may decide to apply for a fiance(e) K-1 visa and not a spousal (marriage) visa. 

1. If you cannot legally get married in the foreign fiance(e)’s country for some reason (religious, social, political, etc.)

2. If you cannot physically travel to the foreign country (disability or some other hardship)

3. If you don’t want to marry your fiance(e) until he/she comes to the U.S.

4. An advantage is that K-1 Visas are usually processed faster than marriage (or family) based visas.

5. Many other possibilities and reasons.