Hey! I’m Prem

I’m here to help you through your fiance(e) visa process.

I know what it’s like to dream of starting a life with a loved one, only to realize difficult immigration procedures confuse you, stress you out, and sometimes strain your relationship.  

Even though I had a straightforward case, why did it take so long? Why did it feel like they didn’t care about us? I worried so much about every single step; did I do everything right? will we be denied? I felt powerless.


The Beginning of My Story

I had just graduated college. I was enjoying a vacation overseas when I met my Ms. Perfect.  We connected deeply and made plans of life together. It was so hard to leave and say goodbye.  But, I got back to the US and we enthusiastically began planning the next step.  

I just got began my engineering career and just found the one I was meant to be with.  Things were falling into place.  Life was good.a fiance couple overlooking the beach

We talked on the phone everyday –sometimes twice daily.  We couldn’t wait to see each other again.  We dreamed of a house, a family, our first car, vacations and more.

I didn’t waste anytime getting the fiance visa process going.  I knew I wanted to be with her as soon as possible. 

But, when I did start the process I discovered one thing quickly– actually getting my fiancee here was going to a big hurdle.

Your fiance(e) will soon be your spouse.  You’ll take on life together.  But, did you ever think your first challenge as a couple would be immigration?

The problems in my story...

What would a story be without the struggle, right?  Well, I had three major ones.  

The Legal Expert didn’t help. Being young and unfamiliar with immigration, I didn’t even know how to begin the process. So, I thought that an immigration lawyer would know best for my case. I thought this expert would take care of it all perfectly. I hired an immigration lawyer to handle my case.

I was very excited for myself and my fiancee.  Now, you can imagine my anxiety and restlessness about something I’ve never done before.  I wanted everything to be perfect and quick.

But, things didn’t go that well.  I was severally disappointed and dissatisfied with his work. He made so many mistakes during filing, and he never contacted me with updates.  I had to deal with the consequences in several RFE’s and wasted time down the line.

This really upset me. I could’ve done a better job myself.  It didn’t take long for me to fire him.


Here’s the first lesson I learned: No one knows your case like you do! Not a lawyer, not the USCIS, not the Consular, not even your neighbor.


If you truly want to deal with the fiance(e) K-1 Visa, you should do it yourself. You have to take control.  No one’s going to dedicate the time, energy and commitment to your future, like YOU will.


My fiancee couldn’t help even though she wanted to. My fiancee had never been out of the country, and naturally didn’t know much about immigration.  So, in addition to whatever paperwork I had to do, I also had to do hers.  I didn’t mind this, because I knew she was sincerely inexperienced.

I had to learn about the process from my fiancee’s perspective.  I learned her responsibilities and requirements during the visa process.  I had to guide her family to get what was needed.  

It wasn’t too long ago when I was filling out her forms, emailing it over, getting her signature and then forwarding it to the Embassy.


Here’s the second lesson I learned: You need to know the K-1 process.  You have to be familiar with all the steps.  


I was forced to learn the Fiance(e) visa process inside-and-out. It forced me to step out of my comfort zone; especially when dealing with authorities overseas.


My wife and I together after we finally got together


It was an emotional rollercoaster ride. Imagine dreaming of your future and then having to deal with rough reality.  Oh, how I impatiently waited for news from the USCIS everyday.

There were good days and bad days: days when we felt discouraged and powerless; Other days, when we felt optimistic.  The journey was long.  

In the end, we admitted one thing: “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  Our distance apart, our struggles together, and our companionship built a life-long trust within us.

It’s probably the only good thing that came out of it.  You grow as a couple, your values align, you feel each other’s distress. 


Here’s the third lesson I learned: It’s not a solo journey.  You have to support each other and be each other’s strength.   


How the story unfolded…

I was fueled by the need to be with my fiancee and start our lives together.  I made it my goal to see the process through.  So, I did.

I rolled up my sleeves and began my research. I read guides, I read forums, and I prepared for every step. I spent countless hours toiling through information for what I needed. I tried to prepare for every possible scenario.

I walked my fiancee through the medical exam, the interview, traveling, paperwork and questions.  I was working full-time so I couldn’t be there to do it myself.  You can imagine the anxiety.

There were so many problems that needed resolving, but in time I took care of them. For example, her passport had the full name under “last name” and blank for “first name”.  I spent many sleepless nights trying to deal with it.  In the end, I had to get her passport fixed, fix the “FNU” under the I-94, and a whole lot more.

Overall, even though we were nervous at every step, we prepared and were able to deal with everything. The medical exam, interview, documentation and traveling went better. It took a demanding 300 days to complete the process and get the K1 Visa.

After arrival we were relieved.  We married soon after.  There were still things to work out but it didn’t bother me anymore because the hardest part had passed. I was with my spouse and we were happy.  

After a sigh of relief, we began the next part of the process…

How I'm trying to help You ...

If you want help figuring your way through the K1 Visa Process, this site is for you.  I made things I know are going to help make it easier for you.  Review the guides, timelines, tutorials, videos, and resources so you won’t feel stressed-out like I did.

I want to show you step-by-step how to confidently navigate your K1 visa process.  With proper planning, research, and some determination you will succeed.  You don’t need “expert” help and you can handle all issues yourself.  That’s my belief.  

The fiance(e) visa process took a long time. It was confusing, and I wish there was something to speed it up. I realized I had to take control or else nothing would get done.

What do I mean by taking control? two simple words: be prepared

I want to take what confuses and worries you most, and I make it simpler to understand. 

What I've done to help thousands of couples so far...

After my experience, I knew there had to be an easier way for couples to intelligently go through the K-1 progress without paying expensive legal fees. I have worked tirelessly to create books, videos, and courses to help you go through the process easily.

Over 12,000 couples read my blog every month. And I cannot tell you how happy I’m every time they tell me that they’ve been approved. Most importantly, my blog gives them hope to look forward to a happy future.



So, I hope my guidance really makes an impact.  Maybe even a small fragment of my experience makes your journey easier. I know I would’ve really appreciated someone’s experience. If you have the chance, I urge you to check out the guides to a k-1 visa approval that I spent years making.

Enjoy the Journey ...

Enjoy the journey. Live through the stress, break through the confusion, wait patiently for the government cogs to turn, and rise above the anger…Take the journey together and make your relationship even stronger.

As long as you can keep that goal in mind, you can navigate through the bureaucracy and Immigration hassles.

I don’t have all the answers.  No one does.  But, I hope I can help make your journey better…Join the email list for guidance so you don’t stumble like I did…


I hope this inspires you to take action and be proactive in your case.  

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