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Fiance Visa: How to fill Form I-944, Dec. of Self-Sufficiency (preparation guide)

Form I-944 Dec of Self-Sufficiency for fiance visa applicants . . This I-944, Declaration of Self-Sufficiency, is important to fill out correctly for the I-485. For K visa applicants, it’s a critical part of adjusting status to a permanent resident.  […]

K-1 Visa: Adjustment of Status Checklist (with preparation guide)

List of Documents you need to file form I-485 (with a K-1 visa) . . After your fiance arrives with a K-1 visa, you two get married, and prepare the I-485, there will be several documents to include and keep […]

Fiance Visa, Coronavirus, public charge, health insurance?

Of all the years I can remember, this year has got to be one of the most memorable for fiance visas. I mean, in just the span of 2.5 months, we’ve already got so much news and headlines regarding visas […]

Fiance K-1 visa: How to fill out the DS-5540 (step by step)

Fiance Visa: How to fill out the DS-5540 Public Charge questionnaire, step by step . Please note that the FAM indicates that fiance visa applicants are not explicitly required to submit this form DS-5540 at their K visa interviews. However, […]

Fiance K-1 Visa interview Checklist (with preparation guide)

What document do you need to prepare for the Fiance visa Interview? . Download this checklist to prepare your K visa interview packet and avoid delays or denials . . In this detailed article, you’ll get a downloadable checklist to […]

5 real-world tips for the Fiance Visa I-129F Petition

5 Specific Tips from past approved K-1 visa couples for your I-129F petition . . You’ll find plenty of “tips” on the fiance visa process online. In fact, if you google it, dozens of websites show up. But, why doesn’t […]

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