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Fiance K-1 visa: dating your fiance while divorcing your ex

Can we apply for a fiance visa if our relationships overlapped while divorcing? . Being free to marry is an eligibility requirement for a fiance visa. However, having overlapping relationships during divorce is a red flag. .Divorces in the US […]

Fiance visa? it’s easier if you do it smart

2 Tips for making your fiance K-1 visa easier by working smarter . Is the fiance visa process easy or hard?  The answer depends on how nervous you are about the process: If you’re fixated on every word on every […]

PP’s Fiance visa success story

PP’s personal fiance visa experience story . One of my students, let’s call him PP, and his US fiance have a very interesting and inspiring story to tell about their fiance visa process. I was so moved when I read […]

I-129F Fiance visa case – Proper steps to Cancel or Withdraw petition

Cancel or withdraw I-129F or Fiance K-1 Visa . Very rarely do I get emails like the one below… where someone reaches out and asks how to cancel or withdraw their I-129F petition or fiance visa process. . . And […]

I-129F petition Fiance visa – Part 8 Additional information

Part 8, Additional Information for the I-129F fiance visa petition . Use the I-129F Part 8 Additional information if you don’t have enough space OR if you need to explain something. . On page 13 of the I-129F form (fiance […]

I mailed my I-129F petition. What’s next?

How the Lockbox and USCIS process your I-129F fiance visa petition . Once you mail out your paperwork, the Lockbox facility and the USCIS review your case. Let’s talk about the entire process and what you can do while waiting. […]

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