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It’s frustrating – why aren’t Fiance K-1 visa instructions clear or direct?

Fiance visa I-129F: why are the USCIS and US Embassy so secretive? instructions unclear? . . The government is notorious for being vague with instructions and evasive with answers. The way they deal with our fiance visa process is no […]

6 Rules of Success for your Fiance K-1 Visa

The 6 most-important factors for the Fiance K-1 Visa in 2020 . . The most-important factors for Fiance K-1 visa approval can be distilled down to a few handful. Before you start worrying about which color pen you should use […]

BB K-1 visa experience

BB’s Fiance K-1 visa experience story . One of my students, let’s call her BB, guided her son through the K visa process for his partner in Laos. They have a heartwarming and inspiring story to tell about their fiance […]

The fascinating history of the Fiance K-1 Visa and where it is today

Political and social history of the Fiance K-1 visa process and what’s happening today . The K-1 Fiancé Visa process has a very interesting history. Congress created the K visa category in response to unanticipated predicaments during the US’s involvement […]

Fiance K1 visa or Spousal CR1/IR1 visa – Which choice is best?

How to choose between Marriage CR-1/IR-1 or the Fiance K-1 visa options . . If you’re a US citizen who has met someone overseas you want to marry, your choices are: . ✔ Apply for a Fiance K-1 visa to […]

Fiance Visa: I send money to my partner. Is that good Proof?

Fiance Visa: Does financially supporting your partner show a bona fide relationship? . . What if you send money to your Fiance visa partner? maybe you pay for rent, bills, school tuition, or even for an airline ticket to come […]

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