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No part of Visatutor may be taken as Legal advice. No part of Visatutor’s content may be taken as legal advice because it offers opinions from Visatutor, contributors, or even readers. If you require legal advice, consult a professional, lawyer or licensed immigration attorney.

No guarantees or promises are made as to the accuracy or completeness of the information, tutorials, videos, products, services or opinions given in All Information is from the best of our knowledge but may contain errors, omissions or mistakes.

Do not rely on this website, it’s opinion or tutorials as the only source for your K-1 process. If you rely on this website, it’s videos, tutorials or other content, VisaTutor isn’t to be held liable on any consequences as a result.

Visatutor will try to moderate all comments from contributors or readers. We cannot be held liable for others’ comments or opinions.

VisaTutor is not responsible of any actions from advertisers or sponsors.


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You may use small snippets of excerpts, quotes, figures, or opinions from Visatutor provided you appropriately attribute (include a link) to the source. You may link to videos, graphics or other content from other platforms (including social media) provided you attribute Visatutor as the source.

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In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), any subscriber to visatutor’s email lists, client, student, or customer has the following rights (1) disclosure of what happens to their personal information including email address and name or other information (2) Right to the access for personal information and the information contained within (3) You can update or modify information by requesting it (4) you may request to have your personal data removed completely by writing to (5) You can unsubscribe, discontinue or leave the email list, courses or online products at any time by contacting or clicking the appropriate links.


VisaTutor may offer products or services to readers. The acceptance, use, download, trial, or payment of any product or services offered by Visatutor constitutes the user’s agreement and understanding of the following:

1. VisaTutor is not a law firm, agency, licensed attorney or immigration adviser. VisaTutor cannot provide Legal advice and nothing shall be considered legal advice. All tutorials, products, services, videos, guides, eBooks, multimedia or graphics shall be considered opinions for your information and entertainment use only.

2. We are not affiliated with any law firms, agencies, entities and/or governmental agencies. We do not carry any certifications or recognition from any agency.

VisaTutor will try its utmost to provide helpful information as accurate as possible, however, you may not hold Visatutor liable for any delays or damages as a result of using VisaTutor products. You use Visatutor products or services at your own risk.

3. Visatutor reserves the right to update pricing on any of it’s products or services without prior notice.

4. Money Back Guarantees. Visatutor may offer 100% money back guarantees for any products or services. If the user requests money back after the purchase of a product or service, Visatutor will refund as soon as possible using the same payment processor (we generally use Paypal to accept money and issue refunds). Please inform Visatutor why you decided to request a refund as it will aid us in developing better products. Allow processing time up to 4 weeks depending on your bank. Visatutor will incur the transaction costs of such refunds. In summary, if you request a refund, you get 100% of the payment back.

5. All material copyrighted. All content free or with paid products are copyrighted Visa Tutor LLC. No part may be reproduced, copied, published without written permission from Visa Tutor LLC. NO material provided in products may be used for commercial or business purposes. All Visa Tutor products are for personal use only.

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