Get Your Fiance Visa Petition (I-129F) Approved without mistakes or delays


A step-by-step, Do-it-Yourself, guide even if you’re completely new, overwhelmed with the different variables, or worried about red flags



Visa approval doesn’t depend on LUCK, instead there’s an exact PROCESS that gets even the most difficult cases approved — without hiring expensive legal help. 

A GREAT I-129F packet shows the government that you’re serious about approval. For a solid approval (like what you read above) you focus on

(1) Precise Paperwork 

(2) Compelling Proof of Relationship

(3) Solid written statements

And you avoid denials or delays because of mistakes, red flags, or not enough proof.


Here's the deal

Hey there, this is Prem, author of VisaTutor–

Think about what happens when two people, with the same exact qualifications, apply for the same job.

Person # 1 sends a great resume with all his experiences, qualifications and accomplishments. Clear, crisp and compelling.

Person # 2 puts together a quick, lousy resume without even being clear what he’s done and why he qualifies.

Even though they have the same exact qualifications, who do you think has a serious shot at even getting an interview?

Just like how that, hundreds of people come across my website daily to learn about their Fiance visa.

After already visiting government websites, forums, and even thinking about hiring a lawyer. I got to admit, most of us have done our research. And that’s great.

But there’s one thing that we typically miss, just like the second job applicant with the bad resume.  And to me, it’s the MOST important fact:


Here's what you're missing

You probably don’t realize how serious your I-129F packet is. It’s not just a ‘formality’ or a bunch of documents you tie together and mail to the USCIS expecting an easy approval.

No. Actually, it’s critical to submit precise paperwork and make a great first impression. All of which makes the difference between a 5-minute approval OR suffering a long denial.

Think about it this way: how well you make your petition now, determines if your fiance stands helplessly waiting for a denial stamp — or smiles confidently while the officer prints out an approval letter.

You see, this I-129F packet is the same one the USCIS officer reads and then forwards to an Embassy officer to review before interviewing your fiance and making a final decision. The better the packet, the quicker you’re approved.


Have to impress them both

So, your I-129F has to impress TWO different people looking for two different things.

The USCIS wants to make sure you file everything correctly.

While the US Embassy wants to be sure you have a real, genuine relationship. Which is especially important for ‘red flag’ cases (you know … couples with age differences, language barriers or different ethnicity, etc.). Or those from high-risk fraud countries.

The problem is that most of us don’t do both of these things correctly. Either we make technical errors with paperwork OR don’t provide the right kind of proof of relationship in their I-129F.

And, that’s why denials happen. Can you afford to be among the 40% who never get approved? No kidding 40%.

And that’ just the statistics. But, everyday we see on TV and the news, immigration to the US is complicated and takes long. 


You're not alone

Which came as a surprise to one of my readers, Ben. 

His life was finally coming together after meeting an amazing girl overseas. He’s ready to bring her to the US.  And his friends and family are also excited.

So, he’s prints out the I-129F instructions and as soon as he comes home from work — or makes time on the weekends– he grabs a laptop and sits down to research: Googling questions nonstop, searching forums and videos. Scouring the internet, learning all he can.

He figures, one weekend is enough to watch a few YouTube videos to finish up his paperwork. But, as he slowly flips through the pages, he realizes that it’s completely new to him and starts to worry. 

There’s an urge to get it done quickly and begin his life together. On the other hand, he’s scared of messing up paperwork.


Yeah, but what do I do?

A bunch of specific questions jump in his head, like the one about “address history” and when he moved in the last 5 years.

He can’t remember those dates. He imagines rummaging through piles of old mail trying to get it. Does he get in trouble if he can’t? The I-129F instructions don’t say what to do.

Videos online skip over it and simply say “oh, in this section, just fill out when you moved”.

Ben thinks,

“yeah, but…I don’t remember. Can someone tell me more?”

And gets sucked into websites, forums, videos for hours looking for a magic answer. But, no one gives the kind of detailed, crisp answer he needs.

Sometimes he gets on a roll and finds good information out there. Sometimes not. Funny enough, there even some contradicting ones at places he looks. So, he can’t confidently say who is right.


How much is enough?

“I’ll figure it out” he says and goes onto his next issue:

He talks to his fiance through text message, Whatsapp, FaceBook interactions, etc. and wants to show them as proof of relationship.


But, he wonders

⇨ how many text messages does he include?
⇨ how are they supposed to look?
⇨ Do you send the entire transcript or just screenshots?
⇨ Color copies or black-and-white?
⇨ Even… does he get them translated?


Online some proudly say they put in 500 pages and were easily approved. Others say they put in even more BUT were still denied in their K-1 visa interview.

The worst part is he only hears their opinions and experience. Not the actual rules, reasons or good practice. So, he can’t make his own intelligent decision.


Kind of hesitating

Ben’s left holding a half-finished I-129F form in his hands and hesitates.

And reading a bunch of horror stories from other couples fuels his anxiety even more. 

It’s hard to imagine leaving something out of his I-129F petition by mistake and getting denied. That’s why he’s trying desperately to make sure there’s no errors in his paperwork.

A denial would tear him apart. His mind floods with questions like —

“what if we never get approved?

Will we live separately for years?

Do we have to move to a different country if this doesn’t work out?”

This is serious and, at the moment, it’s the biggest thing in his life. He needs reassurance that things will turn out good.

And we can all relate to Ben. How about you?

I mean, plain and simple: we want an approval. Questions is: how exactly do we do that? Denial is not an option. Everything’s got to be perfect. NO delays and NO drama.


A simple approval is all I wanted

Just like how it was for me.

All I wanted was to craft the perfect I-129F packet (the best proof of relationship, precise paperwork, and everything imaginable for a solid approval), then drop it in the mail, and forget about the whole thing — knowing it’s just a matter of time before I get the approval notice.

I didn’t want to be like one of my readers who mailed her I-129F paperwork at the post office, sat in her car to re-read the instructions, panicked and stopped the mail truck (YES, the mail truck!) to get her package out to fix something (true story)…

Wow, trust me. No one wants to be that nervous.

But, I can understand why. Look, we need just peace of mind that we’re on the right track, right?

AND nor do we want to obsessively check online every time we panic  — or lose sleep thinking “what’s going to happen” whether a small mistake will cost us a denial or years of delays.

In fact, paperwork should be SO strong, that nothing can go wrong. No unnecessary delays, drama or problems. And your fiance flies through the K-1 visa interview.

And with that sense of relief, we can move forward in our lives and begin planning your future. A step closer to getting married and living life together.

Because approval means everything for us.


What it means to me

For me, it meant my fiance would be in my world, waking up next to me. And not just planning vacations, but actually going on them.

In fact, let me share one vacation I planned for a long time. A trip to the Poconos in Pennsylvania (near New York) and a private air tour of the scenic landscape.


Soon after approval, we went on our first vacation to the Poconos in Pennsylvania. This 30-minute scenic private air tour was unforgettable. Which amazing memories do you want to make?


We’ll always remember it. And it’s nothing like a typical flight between airports.

Instead, imagine there’s only three of you. There’s a gigantic instrument panel with 100’s of buttons, gauges, and switches. And once you’re up in the air, the propeller is chopping so loud it’s impossible to hear one another.

But as soon as you look outside, you forget all about that.

You’re like a free bird with a breathtaking view: greenery, rolling hills, and the Delaware river cuts like a snake. We were so mesmerized that we just kept quiet and looked outside. We only held each other’s hands.

And it’s at moments like these… you realize it’s a blessing to be with your spouse. Someone to enjoy life with. And the struggle is all worth it. The immigration process pales to this happiness.

This air tour was just a small snapshot of the fun times we’ve had.

What about you? What kind of memories do you want to make? 

Maybe you’re looking forward to something like what we did. Or maybe a road trip, a special event — birth of a child, birthday, holiday, or a promotion.

Maybe it’s nothing in particular, and you’re glad to wake next to them every morning. How is life going to change with your spouse?


Who to listen to

Those are the things I want to help you get.

And I know you feel the urge to get it done quick. It’s tempting to venture out and try to figure it out on your own. Or just make a quick file because you’re getting impatient.

But, trust me on this, you’ve got to be methodical. And the only way to be approved is by following someone experienced. And VisaTutor is what you need. I help over 15,000 monthly readers doing their K-1 visa. And you’ve already seen my dedication — my response to comments and my emails.

But, I’m not just a hobbyist, blogger, or self-proclaimed expert. I’m serious about helping. In fact, my articles get featured on other blogs, forums, the media, and even law / immigration websites. And I’ve made guest appearances on plenty of videos. Which means people realize the value I bring. Take a look at this…


(Above) My article featured on (immigration / law website) discussing recent K-1 visa statistics. Several legal firms and lawyers read this article.


Strength of your case

I don’t need to bore you with how many years I’ve spent studying the K-1 process. That’s just me; I’m an oddball perfectionist and need technical answers.

And I also learned from other experts and picked apart their methods.

The funny thing is, the more I read… the more I realized everything falls into a simple list of core principles. In fact, there are three core principles that dictate fiance visa approvalJust three.

And not just random tips — like smile at the interview and you’ll be approved”instead, these are commandments. Stuff you won’t hear anywhere else.


Strong I-129F Cases Have Three Things

The first “must-have” – Precise paperwork


Your first priority is to make sure you’re not denied / disqualified on technical grounds. So you have understand each requirement clearly.


For example, did you meet through an IMB? Are you a multiple filer? most of us read those instructions 10x but still aren’t sure. But we consciously send out our application without being 100% certain.


Surprisingly, this happens oftenIn fact, it’s the # 1 reason for delays (backed by statistics). Want proof? check out the comments left on my RFE page later.

Here’s an example of what I mean: 


The I-129F form itself has severe technical flaws. I’ve documented over 20 of these. For instance:  Question 38 asks if your fiance is currently in the US, then fill this section. Fair enough, right?

.Now, look at the instructions for the same question. It says to provide details of your fiance’s “most-recent entry” to the US.



So, which is it? most-recent or currently in? How do you answer this without looking like you’re hiding something?


Remember, the USCIS is serious about immigration/security. And if they suspect you’re hiding evidence, it’s game over. I wouldn’t dare get this one wrong.


I’ve searched for an answer to this. No one knows, in fact, most people aren’t even aware of this problem. And the USCIS isn’t “there” to answer. But, I’ve developed a solution that answers this question without risking your case.


Remember, that’s just one serious problem that slips by most people. There are several more. 

The second “must-have” – Proof of Relationship


Because people misuse visas for an opportunity to come to the US, you’re under an unfair burden to convince total strangers like the USCIS or US Embassy that you’re not one of them. You must present proof of relationship and demonstrate you’re a legitimate couple. For that, you need to balance primary and secondary proofs. 


And, all cases need this — straightforward or not. But it’s especially important for Red flag cases.


But there’s a trick to it. Quality counts more than quantity. It’s not enough to shove 500 pages of text messages in your packet. There’s a certain point where officers toss away proofs as suspicious or useless.



I can’t tell you how many times people ask “should I include my 3-years worth of chat transcripts?”


No way. Trust me, no one’s going to read them. And they’re definitely not impressed by 500 pages of chat history. To them, it’s not even worth the paper they’re printed on. In fact, they may suspect you’re overcompensating for something.


So, before you spend 4 hours printing texts no will review… understand what exactly the USCIS looks for in a legitimate relationship. They want a combination of photos, travel history, gifts, family involvement, etc.

The third “must-have” – Statements


The I-129F is a bunch of forms, documents, and paperwork, right? it’s all technical stuff and asking for facts only.


So, at which point do you get to explain YOUR story? things that forms won’t say. Especially if there’s something you need to explain or red flags to discuss.


This is it — your only opportunity to say your story. Statements tie your case together.


They must be clear and strong enough to grip the officer’s attention and command an approval. Systematically eliminating doubts (red flags) in their minds. There’s a specific template that does exactly this. Almost like reading the officer’s mind and giving the facts they need to know.



Take for example, the “Circumstances of Meeting” statement. Some call it a “love story”.


It’s not a love story — far from it. And if you think about it that way, you’ve already made a mistake. There’s a very specific reason for it. It’s one of your MOST powerful tools.


Unfortunately, most people miss this HUGE opportunity. But, if you follow a specific outline, you’re far more likely to get approved without a problem. This bit of insight is actually hidden within the I-129F instructions and government manuals. Do you know what it is?


Most importantly, a persuasive statement essentially forces the government to approve your case.


What if I give you a specific template that’s gotten even ‘red flag’ couples approved? and write a complete sample in front of you.


When your case is strong
following the three “must-haves”


✔ You plan your future instead of worry about a denial

Imagine your friend is a fiance visa expert and sits down to help. Explaining everything in GREAT detail. Pointing a finger and saying here’s how things work. A personal coach.

Then listens intently to your every question and gives you a solid, clear explanation. And stands over your shoulder to help write impressive statements. At the end, hands you the final packet and says “just mail this in”.

Confidence permeates your psyche knowing your trusted friend gave you the best possible chance of approval. All you did was follow instructions. Now, you can shift your focus to planing your future wedding rather than nervously wait for a response from the government or interview. And there’s no guilty feeling that you didn’t hire a lawyer / professional.


✔ There’s no delay because nothing’s missing

We can’t control how long the government takes to get to your case. But, we can control the kind of quality we present to them. So, as soon as the officer picks up your files, it’s already optimized for an instant approval.

Everything’s perfect and organized. Nothing’s missing, no RFEs, no delays. Just a quick, solid approval. Because you gave them exactly what they need. 

And suddenly an approval letter shows up in your mailbox, you smile and think — “oh, that was quick”. Because you sidestepped the emotional trauma of grueling research, debating hiring a lawyer, or making excuses before starting.


✔ Great I-129F = Quick K-1 visa interview approval

The best part of a strong I-129F is that it propels you to a 5-minute interview approval. Your clean, precise case file has already convinced the Embassy officers that you deserve an approval — even before they sit down to interview you. 

Imagine your fiance stands at the interview booth. Nervous. Palms sweaty. The officer doesn’t look up, clicks a few buttons, and slips your fiance the approval letter. Wait…what? Yup. This routinely happens to couples with strong cases. They’re not even asked questions. They’re approved before even stepping foot inside the Embassy. 



This kind of resounding approval only happens when you have:

Strong Paperwork + Strong Proof of Relationship + Showstopping Statements

So, that’s great and all. That you have to follow the three “must-haves”… But how’s it different than what’s already online? or on YouTube?


Won’t I find everything I need online to help me figure out the I-129F paperwork?

Researching the fiance visa online is like taking weight-loss advice from friends, each of whom had their own experience. Versus the kind of insight you miss not following a nutritionist’s advice. From an expert. It’s completely different. 

You must be careful who you listen to. Because people only give one-sided opinions since they do it as a favor / hobby. Let me explain: you see, most couples struggle through the process but don’t get into detail enough to become experts. As soon as it’s over, they breathe a sigh of relief, drop everything and move on (like from trauma).

So, when they talk about their experience: it’s only what they did and how they did it. And they begin to believe in rumors, stories or bad advice because they personally witnessed it. Here’s what I mean:


EXAMPLE # 1 – Be careful of bad advice

Watch out for bad advice that gets you in trouble or just wastes your time. 


Look at this question I get often: should you include an Affidavit of Support (I-134) in your I-129F packet? It’s a rumor that flies around many forums.



Some claim it helps strengthen your case. This just shocks me and I think “why would anyone put this online?”. There’s no reason to include the I-134 right now. It’s useless, for two reasons

(1) It’s not required right now and you waste time collecting these documents. Besides, it’ll be ignored by the USCIS adjudicator anyway. In fact, the extra clutter slows down your case.

(2) By the K-1 interview time, your financial documents are outdated and unacceptable anyway. You fall into a false sense of security thinking your case is strong.


People mean well, but mostly they distract you. While others are rude or judgmental. That discourages a lot of us from asking questions.



You just get bits and pieces of general information

The biggest problem is that we get bits and pieces of general, vague information. Nothing specific.  And for an OCD type of guy like me, that’s a nightmare.

Think about it: you’re new to this K-1 visa process so you want hard, specific directions to follow so you don’t mess up. Not “general advice”. For instance, no matter how hard you look, no one clearly answers these questions:

No one answers specific questions

General Online Advice: In this section of the I-129F, just fill out your employment history…

Your specific question: Yeah but, what if I can’t remember the exact dates when I started? What do I write? Can I guess? Does it get me in trouble?


General Advice: Write a letter of intent to marry…

Your specific question: Can I get it emailed to me? or do I need original signatures?


General Advice: front-load your petition with proof of relationship…

Your specific question: Okay, but is it bad that we didn’t get engaged? or get a ring?

Should I submit 500 pages of text messages like everyone else? How many are best to send? Which ones in particular? how precisely should they look?


General Advice: All non-English documents must be translated…

Your specific question: Do I translate text messages if they’re not in English? How do I get them “certified”?




No one warns you about common problems

This K-1 visa visa paperwork is NOT something we can do trial-and-errors with. But, apparently that’s what many do.

Ever notice most heartbroken couples seek advice AFTER they run into problems? The reason is they weren’t warned about problems before starting.

Here’s an example: passport style photos.

The USCIS wants them to be 2 inches by 2 inches only. Ironically, most other countries don’t typically print this size. I’m willing to bet the photo your fiance sent over is slightly smaller. Take a look… am I right? And it’s easy to overlook.

Worst yet, wrong size photos are one of the leading causes of RFEs or delays and the USCIS is strict with this. But, how would YOU know that? unless someone specifically alerted you.



Doesn’t VisaTutor have everything I need to help me file for free?

Only 5% of what I want to teach you about approval is free on my website. The remaining 95% require me to take you by the hand and explain it clearly.

What you’ve seen so far is only the tip of the ice berg — simple tips, steps and procedures — that applies to general cases. How do you know what else there is? To have resounding success in your K-1 case have a personalized approach. 



Isn’t it safer just to hire someone?

That’s what I thought. I borrowed money to hire a lawyer to take the weight off of my shoulders.

But, I quickly learned that you can’t let anyone do it for you. Know why? Because they DON’T share your goal.

You want a K-1 visa approval so you can begin your life. It’s the biggest event you’re looking forward to. It’s got to be done right. To others, you’re a “customer”. No different from anyone else. And they’re not accountable for what happens. You pass, you pass. You’re denied, you’re denied. As long as they get paid.

The worst part is that YOU do 90% of the work. You gather evidence, print photos, get statements, and hand everything to the “expert”. Who just takes it, staples it, and asks for a fee.

And it’s the same for online filing services. They use computer software to fill out your paperwork and respond to your emails. Not real people. Not someone who cares. So, are they really helping you or just running a business? Again, you do 90% of the work even with filing services.

Trust me. No one else will put in the time, attention to detail, and quality, like YOU will. That’s why YOU must take control. Just like how I got fed up and took things into my hands.



It’s best to do your paperwork YOURSELF. Remember…


✘ Professionals / lawyers / filing services don’t give personal attention. To them it’s business and you’re not their priority. Heck, they use automated systems to fill out your paperwork and respond to your emails. The most annoying part is that they’re more likely to make mistakes than you. Even after you pay them ridiculous amounts. That’s based on MY own experience and thousands of others.


✘ Online research is not enough because you have to hunt for bits and pieces of information. And the advice you get is from people who do it as a hobby / favor to share their experience. Usually without much research into actual laws, rules, or policies. So, there’s so much you can miss or do wrong and not even know (remember the passport photo example?). Besides, you never get precise, confident answers. Or how to ‘fix’ red flags.


✔ The I-129F is more than just paperwork and must be perfect, because it determines how your entire case is going to turn out. The better you make it now, the more likely your fiance has a 5-minute interview approval. And the sooner you can being your lives together. The worst is to ignore  and procrastinate, then feel guilty about it later on. You need the three “must-haves” to be approved.



The I-129F Step-By-Step,

Do-It-Yourself Course


Forget searching online to figure it out on your own. You now have ONE reliable place to go from ‘scratch’ to final packet, ready to mail out.
I will give you the facts so you can make your own informed decision.


My I-129F course is a one-of-a-kind program. There’s nothing like it anywhere. 

It’s an online course, where you go at your own pace, to go from “scratch” to a final I-129F ready to mail out, using the three must-haves principles responsible for case approval. 

And it’s all available instantly so you can skip ahead to whichever lesson you want.


✔  We do everything by the books.  I painstakingly researched government laws, instructions, legal sources, or my own experience based on thousands of successful K-1 cases, for the right way to prepare the I-129F petitions in excruciating detail which are 100% compliant.

So, you will always have exact, safe, and reliable advice on your paperwork, proof of relationship, evidence and procedures. No confusion or uncertainty that you did something wrong. 


✔ Step-by-Step. There’s no vague instruction. You get hard, specific directions to follow (see example below) and we get technical with a lot of things. 

We spend time to go over even the most complicated requirements (things most professionals have a hard time understanding). Like the multiple filer waiver requirement or meeting online IMB requirement. I give you the facts so you can make your own intelligent decision. 

That way you won’t waste time chasing information anywhere else. Or worry if something’s missing or wrong. Nothing can come back to bite you. 


 The right way to show powerful proof of relationship.  Learn to properly front-load your I-129F petition to make if powerful and effective so it thoroughly convinces the officers that you’re not frauds — without going overboard and stuffing your case with 500 pages of text messages.

So, you won’t worry if you provided enough proof, will they believe you, or am I sending too much/little evidence? You’ll know if you did “enough” to prove your bona fide relationship to them. 

✦ The top 2 guidelines to figure out what’s “useless” proof versus what’s “powerful” proof of relationship and give yourself an enormous advantage.

✦ My “flash-flood” technique to make sure you have a 5-minute interview approval. You will secure an approval before even stepping foot inside the Embassy.

✦ Why you must focus on primary proof more than secondary. And how to expertly tie your proofs with your statements for a rock-solid combination.

✦ How to select, layout, number of pages, print, and present the best photos, text messages, emails, etc.

✦ A special section primarily about text messages. How many to submit, which ones. And the surprising truth — that they’re just secondary proof and not as effective.  

✦ Address red flags head on using powerful proof of relationship. Not just simple “tips”, but actual methods that convince doubtful officer.


✔ Writing statements step by step. We dive deep into details of the exact process for writing statements that gets even Red Flag couples approved. And these outlines are based on successful cases that flawlessly worked in the past.

Remember, statements are a huge opportunity that most people ignore. And we’ll see how to write statements that make your red flags seem trivial. And even how to use other people to vouch for your relationship. 


✔ In-depth coverage of all topics. Detailed explanations and coverage of specials topics. So you’re fully educated on the different variables in your case. Less chance of mistakes. And no technicality can come back to hurt your case. Such as:

✧ Previous marriages, divorces
✧ Multiple Filer
✧ Meeting online
✧ Previous travel to the US
✧ Translations
✧ Notarizations
✧ Passport size photos


✔ Avoid common mistakes.  I alert you to things that typically confuse people or get them in trouble. So, you finalize paperwork without fearing missing documents, answering questions wrong, wondering what’s going to happen, or risk delays. Including:

✧ 20 technical errors in the I-129F form and ambiguities in the instructions
TOP 2 reason for I-129f denials and delays — missing documents and evidence of meeting
✧ Meeting online and complex IMBRA rules
✧ Much more…


✔ You get a direct line to me (A private forum). You can post your non-legal questions in an exclusive forum if it isn’t answered within my videos. Or you can email me your questions. 

✔ Ready-made templates to copy. Downloads for all templates/documents ready-made (available in PDF or WORD format) so you can quickly copy it for yourself and hit “print”.

Best of all, you don’t have to start from scratch and they’ve been proven to work in the past successfully with the USCIS and US Embassy. Includes 10+ downloads full of checklist, word-for-word templates, and more. 


✔ Tips, tricks and relief. Several tips that everyone wishes they knew before starting the K-1 visa process to improve your experience. So, in the end you’ll remember it being a pleasant journey and not agonizing. 


✧ My three-word rule for organizing your paperwork. Save yourself the frustration of doing anything unnecessarily or extravagant — which really doesn’t improve your chances of approval.

✧ How big your I-129F packet should be. How many pages does a typical case have?
How to organize your evidence into groups so it’s easier for the USCIS officer to find


Here's what you do

Keep in mind, only you are responsible for your own case.  Professionals shrug their shoulders if something goes wrong.  And if you’re among the 40% denied, it’s harder and costly the next time. 

Sign up by clicking below (it’s free) to preview the course.

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How detailed does my course get?

Let’s take for example: text messages. You know… to show you’re a genuine couple.

I’ll show you:

How many exact # pages of text messages work best for most people without risking looking like you’re overcompensating for red flags (the answer isn’t 500 pages of random text messages). And, how it depends on the length of your relationship .

✦  How to hand-select a few great ones to put in your packet.

How all your proofs are supposed to look. Neatly organized and give a clear message. In fact, I demonstrate the exact way I use to place photos and text messages on each page. And what kind of captions to write.

Heck, I even discuss if you’re allowed to print double-sided, color or black-and-white, or if it’s okay to print on regular paper versus glossy photo paper.

Best of all, it’s based on official rules and laws. 




Best Step by Step

I finally sent my I-129F application last week, and I must say there is NO way I could’ve completed it without the assistance of Prem and his informative courses! I initially only subscribed to his emails, which I must say were really helpful. I was completely lost when I first started to do research on the I-129F (honestly I didn’t know it existed until a few months ago). I am so thankful to have found Visa Tutor! Not only does it provide a LITERAL step by step guideline on how to complete each requirement, but it also gives recommendations and a feeling that you are not alone! It took me about a month and a half to collect all the required documents, and feel satisfied with my I-129F application, and each time I had a question that was not discussed in detail in the course (everyone’s situations are different), I emailed Prem and he responded quickly! I would recommend Visa Tutor and the course it provides to any couple who is planning on applying for the I-129F. The videos and it’s quality are great. The notes listed under the videos are useful! As for me, the waiting process has begun. Thank you again, Prem.

Vanessa Nunez

K-1 visa

Before I was scrambling all around and never got nowhere. It was overwhelming just starting. The application itself was just not clear enough for me. (I normally “overthink” everything anyways) which brought on a lot of stress and complicated the process. I just could not take a chance with my future like that, so what I began googling….

I later came across Prem’s you tube video on how to fill out the I-129F Form. the best thing ever! Oh how I wish I would have found this months ago I could have been further alone. I asked one of my friends about it and they told me to be careful because of the online scams which I was aware of. However I felt this guy was genuine.

I visited his website and after exploring it, I knew I had landed in the right place. I emailed him and he almost immediately he responded back. Prem has been diligent at responding back in a timely manner. He is eager, excited and very passionate about helping you with your journey! Needless to say shortly after purchasing the course I was able to move forward with the process. 

This course has educated me about what to expect, and how to prepare for each step. I have now sent my I-129F petition off with confidence! Though this is a process, I can say Prem’s course is helping my journey to become more pleasant!

Trakina Gray

Very Solid!

This course is very solid! He has thought about everything and it has been very beneficial for me to use it as a guide. In addition, Prem also was very kind in answering my questions and I asked a lot of them and it was very helpful. I appreciate his tutorials, teachings, comments, help, scenarios, and that he has taken the time out of his busy schedule to want to help others bring their fiances over to America!

He really cares about your petition and I don’t know how I could have gotten through without his help. I urge other people to scroll through this website or buy his product BEFORE you file your I-129F Petition as it will save you lots of heartache and frustration. This is the most complete information on filing for a K1 Visa I have ever seen and was waiting for somebody like him to put together something like this! Please check it out and you won’t be disappointed! Thank you and may others see this as I do

Drew Jones

Thank you Prem!

This guide was just what I needed. After scouring the internet for information, I finally found Prem’s I-129F Guide. The guide provided me with solid advice on questions that I couldn’t find the answers to myself via many google searches. On top of that, I got to speak with Prem personally on the phone to clear up any further questions that I had. Starting the K-1 visa process alone can be a daunting process. But with this guide, I felt like I had all the help that I needed.

Kasey Shaffer

Its definitely a winner!

I was searching for a helpful way to complete my I-129F and came upon this site. I am so glad I did because it was very helpful in helping me organize my documents and Prem’s guide nailed it. All of the guides provided me with solid advice on questions that I didn’t even think to ask. On top of that I sent him an email and he replied the same day! Which by the way is a holiday Thanksgiving! Thank you for providing these guides!

Amy Bingaman

Prem’s a Passionate Expert

Going through all the visa forums is so confusing and stressful, getting different information left and right. What may work for others may not work for you. Prem has the answers and in his course he’ll show you how to have the best possible application. He’s also so prompt in answering specific questions you may have for your own situation. He definitely helped me relieve some of my stress. Thanks Prem! Good luck all you love birds out there!

Jullian Mordeno

Very informative

Searching for answers to a semi confusing form. The I-129 form is not very clear to what exactly needs to be done. The guide has helped me fill out the form and gather necessary documents with confidence. Thank you for the course.




What's in this I-129F course for 2021?
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This course is 100% applicable to same-sex couples

[BONUS] ($50 value included for free) What happens after you file to make sure you’re on track of your case approval.

Please NOTE: The advanced topic of criminal history is not covered in this course.


BONUS - the advanced I-129F checklist
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I'll give you my advanced I-129F checklist and cheatsheet. The same one I hand to my high-paying readers, my family or friends. Heck, if I had to do the K-1 process all over again, this is exactly what I'd use. It's yours for free.

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