How to get Your Fiance Visa Petition (I-129F) Approved


Follow these 3 “must-haves” for an approval even if you’re completely new and starting from scratch or have red flags


Can't wait

Do you want to finally begin your lives together because you waited long enough?

Want to be sure your I-129F won’t be denied because you missed something or didn’t include enough proof?

Let me show you step by step exactly how to construct an I-129F packet that virtually forces the USCIS to instantly stamp an “approval” — even if you have red flags. Curious? read on…


Here's the deal

Hey there. This is Prem–

Look…give me just a few minutes to reveal something about the fiance visa process that I promise is worth your time reading.

First, let’s get a couple of things straight. You’re…

✦ filing the I-129F

✦ searching online on how to put it together

✦ aware it’s not simple

✦ a bit nervous because you have plenty of questions.

Sound about right?


Here's what you're missing

Well, there’s one big thing that you’re missing. And to me, it’s the MOST important fact in your entire K-1 process. And it’s this:

You’re probably not paying attention to your I-129F packet as much as you should. It’s not just a ‘formality’ or a bunch of documents you tie together and mail to the USCIS expecting an easy approval. 

No.  Actually, how well you make a first impression means the difference between a quick 5-minute approval OR suffering a long denial.

Think about it this way: how you make your petition now, determines whether your fiance is standing helplessly waiting for a denial stamp — or smiling and confident while the officer prints out an approval letter. 

Let me explain. You see, the I-129F packet that you mail out is the same packet the USCIS officer reads and then sends to an Embassy officer to review before interviewing your fiance and making a final decision. The better impression you make, the quicker your fiance’s get’s approved. I promise you.


Have to impress them both

So, you have to impress TWO different people who’re looking for two different things. The USCIS officer wants to make sure you filed everything correctly and you’re eligibile.

While the US Embassy Consular officer wants to know that you have a real, genuine relationship. Which is especially important for ‘red flag’ cases (you know … couples with age differences, language barriers or different ethnicity, etc.). Or those from high-risk fraud countries.

The problem is that most applicants don’t do both of these things correctly. Either they make technical errors with their paperwork OR they don’t provide enough convincing proof of relationship. And, that’s why denials happen. And you can’t afford to be one of the 40% of couples who never get approved. No kidding 40% get denied

And it’s scary that if you’re one of them, you’re stuck:

● All your marriage/life plans are on hold (possibly for years)

● more agonizing waiting, separation and constant anxiety

● Spending even more money

● A bad “denial” stamp on your records. So, there’s no guarantee that you pass next time.


Thank you Prem!

This guide was just what I needed. After scouring the internet for information, I finally found Prem’s I-129F Guide. The guide provided me with solid advice on questions that I couldn’t find the answers to myself via many google searches. On top of that, I got to speak with Prem personally on the phone to clear up any further questions that I had. Starting the K-1 visa process alone can be a daunting process. But with this guide, I felt like I had all the help that I needed.

Kasey Shaffer
is it really that simple?

I know you're excited to begin, you've finally met your soulmate (best friend) and fiance. It feels perfect doesn't it? And you want to do everything in your power to get them here as fast as possible.

So you search online on filling the I-129F paperwork -- Googling questions, searching forums and watching videos.

It feels like an important project that you're working on. And you have to get this absolutely right. Even though immigration is not easy, you're willing to put up a "fight" because it means you win a lifetime with your best friend.

And -- be honest here -- looking at reality, are you holding the paperwork in your hands and nervous while putting it together, with these questions flying through your mind --

will we get denied?

what if we never get approved?

will we live separately for years?

do we have to move to a different country if this doesn’t work out?

Then realize, it's the same for everyone. We're all nervous because this fiance visa is one of the most important things in our lives at the moment. And it's difficult to imagine leaving something out by mistake and getting denied.  

And you don't want it to feel like it was your fault why you two can't be together. 


is it really that simple?

I know how it's like. In fact, I was so anxious and worried about messing up the paperwork that I hired a lawyer to do it for me. For someone to just take the weight off of my shoulders.

I couldn’t risk delaying my future happiness because of a mistake. Or not knowing the laws, rules. Or how much proof to include -- will it be too much or not enough?

Then I visited a few forums. Reading a bunch of horror stories from other couples fueled my anxiety even more. How some spent years trying to get the visa. Or some were left helpless after a shocking, inexplicable denial…I prayed nothing like that ever happen to me.

What happens if you take it easy
But guess what. Something like that did happen to me. Hiring a professional did more damage than good. He was more concerned about his fee than my case. This “expert” actually made careless mistakes that costed me RFEs, and delays at the brink of denial. 

I felt like I was taken advantage of just because I didn't know the laws or rules for putting the I-129F together.

Oh, and forget about making my case strong. He made it as minimum as possible. I was told it was okay to put 2 random photos as proof... among other bad advice. Looking back, I regret how I allowed anyone else to poorly dictate my future. And how lucky I actually was to take control and miraculously end up getting approved in the end.

In those 300 days of waiting, I was a nervous wreck. I constantly checked processing times and worried why others were getting approved and I wasn't. Everyday I stressed myself and asked "did I do anything wrong?" Ashamedly, I even misplaced my frustration and confusion and fought with my fiance over the phone.


How do I know they're right?
I learned a very important lesson during this time: You can't let anyone take control of this important step in life. Know why? Because they DON'T share your urgency.

You want a K-1 visa approval so you can begin your life with your fiance. It's the biggest event you're looking forward in your life right now. It's got to be done right. To others, you are a "customer". No different from anyone else. They're not accountable for what happens. You pass, you pass. You're denied, you're denied. As long as they get paid.

But realize this: accountability doesn't just mean lawyers or professionals. It means any information you get.

If like most couples, you're watching videos, reading blogs, and forums, you know much of the main points. Most of them have information to use as good references.

The problem is they are opinions. They usually explain only what they did and how they did it. Believe me when I say this -- I love when people help out and share their experiences -- but I'll be brutally honest, how many of them actually back it up with actual laws, rules or policies? unfortunately, no one does. 

The worse part is sometimes you get really bad advice. Here's what I mean



Some bad advice gets you in trouble -- or just wastes your time. And you can't fall for them.


Check this email, for example. I get this question often: should you include an Affidavit of Support (I-134) in your I-129F packet?



Some claim it helps strengthen your case. This just shocks and I think “why would someone put this online?”. There’s no need to include the I-134 right now. It’s useless to include it, for two reasons


(1) It’s not required and you waste time collecting these documents. Besides, it'll be ignored by the USCIS adjudicator anyway. In fact, the extra clutter slows down your case.


(2) By the K-1 interview time, your financial documents are outdated anyway and unacceptable. You fall into a false sense of security thinking your case is strong.


You see, people try to help, but sometimes they just confuse you even more. So, you're never confident if what worked for YouTubers, blogs and forums, is actually good advice or just luck. You're on your own. Do you listen to random people online? Will they come to the rescue if there are problems in your case?

And, besides, every case is unique.

In fact, the USCIS doesn't see any case the same way. An identical one may be approved by one officer while denied by another. It's subjective and rules are open to interpretation. That's a fact.


Very informative

Searching for answers to a semi confusing form. The I-129 form is not very clear to what exactly needs to be done. The guide has helped me fill out the form and gather necessary documents with confidence. Thank you for the course.


Relax. Don't second guess yourself

Trust me, I've seen the worst of the fiance visa process. I know how it feels to be stressed out. And not knowing where to turn for help.

That's why I made VisaTutor. On top of that, I spend hours (each and every day) researching and making sure my stuff is 100% accurate -- so you get peace of mind that you can rely on me. 

I'm a big perfectionist. I need concrete answers to my questions, so I want to give you the same for yours. No guesses. Only rock-solid answers based on research and good judgement. I literally read through government manuals before I put one word of advice onto my website.

And because of that, my site helps over 15,000 monthly readers, many of whom have used just my free guidance to put together their entire paperwork and get approved.

In addition, many of my popular articles are featured on law websites and other blogs. That's right, other websites, bloggers and even immigration websites talk about my work. 

Look... at the end of the day, I want you to pass the K-1 process and finally begin your lives together (just like how I wanted). And you can rely on me for that. 

You don't have to risk searching online for answers on making your I-129F packet... or second guessing whether you need to hire a lawyer (like the mistake I made).

Instead, I'm giving you a step-by-step guide to take you from scratch to a finished packet, ready to mail out. 


Here's what you do

And, to do that, I'll show you how to focus on three things that dictate what a strong I-129F packet has. That's it. Just three things. Things you won't hear from YouTubers, blogs, forums or even professionals


A strong I-129F case has three things


(1) The first “must-have”
Your documents must be perfect. The form is filled out correctly with supporting documents. It seems like a no-brainer. But, surprisingly, petitioners often misread the instructions and don't submit the correct paperwork. Want proof? check out the comments left on my RFE page later. This ‘must-have’ makes sure you don’t get denied on technical grounds.


(2) The second “must-have”
You must present powerful proof of relationship. Front-loading your petition with strong proof makes sure you clearly convince them you’re a real, genuine couple and not scammers. This is especially important for Red flag cases. But there's a trick to it. Not simply shoving endless pages of text messages. There's a certain point where officers toss away proofs as suspicious or useless. A few hand-selected ones perform 100x better than a random bunch.


(3) The third “must-have”
Powerful statements. This is your opportunity to shine and tell your story, so --write clear and strong statements such that they grip the officer's attention and command an approval. Systematically eliminating any doubts in their minds. And, there's a specific template that does exactly this.



With these core principles -- even with Red flags -- your case is a winner. 

So, I've taken these three strengths and packed them into a step-by-step course.

In fact, let me share a few examples of what I've put...



Take for example, the "Circumstances of Meeting" statement. Some call it a "love story".


It's not a love story -- far from it. And if you think about it that way, you've already made a mistake. There's a very specific reason for it. It's one of your MOST powerful tools to surpass eligibility.


Unfortunately, most people miss this and waste a HUGE opportunity. But, if you follow a specific outline, you’re far more likely to get approved without a problem. This is actually hidden within the I-129F instructions and government manuals. 


Most importantly, a persuasive statement essentially forces the Embassy's Interviewing officer to approve your case.


What if I give you that exact template that’s gotten even ‘red flag’ couples approved? and write a complete sample with you.



Since it's your first time with the I-129F petition, I'll also help protect you from huge mistakes.


Do you realize the I-129F form itself has severe technical flaws? Take this disturbing example: Question 38 asks if your fiance is currently in the US, then fill this section. Fair enough, right?


Now, look at the instructions for the same question. It says to provide details of your fiance's “most-recent entry” to the US.



So, which is it? “most-recent” or “currently in”? How do you answer this without saying the wrong thing or looking like you’re hiding something?


Remember, the USCIS is serious about immigration/security. And if they suspect you're hiding evidence, it's game over. I wouldn’t dare get this one wrong.


I’ve searched for an answer to this. No one knows, and the USCIS isn't "there" to answer. But, I’ve developed a solution that answers this question without risking your case.


That’s just one serious problem that slips by most people. There are several more to watch out for. Do you want me to tell you about them and give you their "fix"?


Think about these examples. Where else online would you find this sort of stuff? that actually teaches you what you're doing and why.

Keep in mind, only YOU are responsible for your own case.  Heck, even lawyers and professionals shrug their shoulders if something's wrong. You’re left picking up the scraps after a denial.

And it’s costly, too. Remember, if you’re among the 40% denied, it’s harder the next time you apply. Will you repeat the process and waste an additional $3,000-5,000 after another 5-10 months?

Instead, I’ll show you how to avoid that.


Its definitely a winner!

I was searching for a helpful way to complete my I-129F and came upon this site. I am so glad I did because it was very helpful in helping me organize my documents and Prem’s guide nailed it. All of the guides provided me with solid advice on questions that I didn’t even think to ask. On top of that I sent him an email and he replied the same day! Which by the way is a holiday Thanksgiving! Thank you for providing these guides!

Amy Bingaman


What's in this FULL I-129F course for 2018?

Line by line explanations of every question in the I-129F form in excruciating detail -- including

Walk you through the entire form. Top to bottom, in full detail.
✦ Questions like: What if you don’t know the exact dates?
✦ My fiance has a weird foreign address, how do I write it?
✦ Is it okay to leave blanks?


Shield you from common mistakes, including

nearly 20 technical errors with the I-129F form -- and their “fixes”
don't waste your time with these documents...
✦ What top reasons get people delayed or denied?


The exact system for proof of relationship and text messages. In fact, I’ll show you a step by step procedure to formatting pictures. And why certain ones are better than others.

 How do we prove a genuine relationship? What evidence is best?
Is it bad that we didn't get engaged? or get a ring?
How many text messages are best to send? Which ones?


✔ How to prepare each one of your documents 

 IMBRA, IMB, Divorce paperwork, proof of citizenship, travel history, translations
 Step by step on writing all statements, and easy templates to download/use


In-depth coverage about topics that most “experts” can’t explain easily.

✦ Dozens of ways to “fix” red flags.
If you met online, what you need to do for this whole ‘IMB’ stuff
 Do I translate my text messages? or other documents? How do I get them "certified"?
 What's a Multiple Filer? In fact, I'll give you a template and write a complete sample in front of you


An open forum. So you can message me directly and get your specific answers quickly.


Up to date information. Since the USCIS and Dep't of State constantly update forms, rules and policies, I always make sure they're rolled out in my courses instantly. Everything is accurate for 2018.


Best of all, it's all backed up by research, laws, policies and facts I've checked with the USCIS and government manuals (no guessing or opinions). So, take a deep breath and relax. Because I've already read through the instructions and manuals in great detail.


Prem’s a Passionate Expert

Going through all the visa forums is so confusing and stressful, getting different information left and right. What may work for others may not work for you. Prem has the answers and in his course he’ll show you how to have the best possible application. He’s also so prompt in answering specific questions you may have for your own situation. He definitely helped me relieve some of my stress. Thanks Prem! Good luck all you love birds out there!

Jullian Mordeno


What happens after you take the online course?


You won't worry about a denial

You're taken step by step through every bit of the I-129F process. Explaining every question line by line in GREAT detail. And the exact outlines to use for writing powerful statements. You won't miss a critical step or risk a denial. In fact, a polished I-129F petition makes your K-1 visa interview even easier -- even if you have multiple 'red flags'.

I'll make sure your work impresses the USCIS officer and the US Embassy Consular Officer.

So, you won’t wonder “will I pass or not?”. Instead, you ask, “where do we go for our honeymoon after approval?” .


 You're confident nothing's missing

The steps are based on years of reading the fine print, laws, rules and regulations, feedback from the USCIS. I explain everything in a simple way so you understand what exactly you’re doing. You even pay attention to details that professionals forget. And not constantly worry thinking, "did I do anything wrong?".

 You won't waste time searching

It's a full guide. A to Z. Everything you need to make your documents from start to finish. With explanations of common questions and templates to copy (word for word). If you have specific questions, you can ask in a special forum directly to me and with others taking the course. With guaranteed responses.


Preview this course and see what's inside (free)


I don't want you to take this course if you're not 100% committed to starting your relationship. Because this is a long and thorough step-by-step guide. And to truly see amazing success in your fiance visa case, I need to hold your hand and give you everything that you need one by one. Even up to the last moment, like how to mail out your petition.


"I could see the 'approval stamp' before we even answered any questions"


You don't have to take my word for it. Let me show you how my course helped a very tough case in particular -- Ben's case. 

One of the big reasons he was worried was because he had "trouble spots" (i.e. Red flags) - big age difference, short engagement, different ethnicity, etc. He actually dated his fiance online for 6 months before going out to see her. And he was completely new to the world of immigration. 

He was nervous but he trusted me after seeing how I helped so many others on VisaTutor. So, he simply signed up and followed my guide step by step and crafted a winning I-129F petition.

✦ He was totally new to all of this. So, the course took him line by line through his I-129F form in painstaking detail, along with attaching documents correctly. For example, I explained each question and the way you respond. Then went page-by-page through supporting documents, for instance I revealed why it's not such a great idea to include your birth certificate as proof of citizenship.

✦ He wondered about photos and text messages. So, he learned how to systematically place powerful photographs, hand select text messages, so well that the Officers wouldn't need to flip any more pages to be convinced that they're bona fide. I showed him how to format his pictures, writes captions, and use some little-known tricks where 1 photo does the job of 10 photos.

✦ He wrote some mesmerizing statements. Making sure the officer's eyes are glued to his every sentence and they nod when reading and clearly understand his story. All Ben had to do was follow a simple template and put in his details.

✦ Followed my video and packaged everything nicely so they knew he is professional and serious about approval.


His case was smoothly approved by the USCIS. I mean not even a single RFE, denial or delay. Nothing. Soon after, an approval letter just shows up in his mail.

Now, it was finally time for the K-1 interview. They were all nerves going in, but -- this is the message I got as they stepped out of the Embassy.



(note: I was actually the first person he talked to after getting approved. Not even his family yet. I'm honored because I know this changed his life)

Think about it... he saw the "approval stamp" before they even started the interview. He swore that the I-129F packet did the trick. And, it felt like the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders.

This is amazing because in 2017, 37% of applicants fail at their first K-1 visa interview -- which includes self-filers, those using lawyers or filing services. So, for a case like Ben's, with multiple red flags...a quick approval is nothing short of astounding.

So, his packet easily impressed both officers quickly. And, if my guide had such a great result for this tough case, it will work for your case.

Ben stayed until his fiance got her visa ready and they flew back together. Once here, they went on the road trip they always dreamed of. In fact, he texted me at each stop. He swears that if they ever visit New York, they'll visit me and my wife and have dinner. 


What does an approval mean for you?

Now, I want you to imagine what an approval means for YOU -- your fiance will be in your world. Living with you. Enjoying the married life. Not just be planning vacations, no, you’re actually going on them. 

Or maybe like Ben, you're going to hit the road and go straight for your honeymoon.

You know what was the most memorable part for me, personally, after getting her approved? to be able to roll over in bed and say "good morning", instead of texting it to her every morning.

So, you can't give up now... Just remember

  How life is finally coming together

  All your family and friends excited to meet your fiance

  All the time and money you've already spent

All it takes is for you to make a strong, powerful and clean I-129F packet that gets your case approved quickly. If you're willing to put work behind it, then click below to start right now...


Preview this course and see what's inside (free)



I'll make this decision easy


So, to make this purchasing decision easy, I backup my guide with a full guarantee.

Here's my promise to you: I'll refund 100% of your money if you’re not proud -- and confident -- holding the final packet in your hands BEFORE you even mail it out.

There's no risk to you. Let me prove it. You can even preview the course for free. Just click the link below to sign up and see the first few videos. Then decide for yourself at no cost. Simple.



They charge how much for a phone call?


And before you do, think about this... typical lawyers or filing services charge you over $1,500 to do your I-129F petition. And every time you call, they may charge you again. But, they keep you in the dark. In fact, if you're confused, they know you come back and give them more business. 

Worst of all, they force YOU to do 90% of the work. YOU have to gather documents and proof on your own and hand it to them. They just simply sit by and staple the forms together when you're done. How does that make any sense after you pay them astronomical fees?

In fact, just read my story and you’ll see what I mean. My expensive lawyer nearly got me denied. To them, it’s business and they’re not accountable for anything. To you, it’s your future.

Look, you’re smart enough to do the process on your own with this tutorial. You won’t have to pay ridiculously high prices for attorneys or filling services. 

This online course has everything you need to win an approval at your own pace with the right tools. Again, I'll give you 100% of your money back if you’re not confident with your I-129F petition. GUARANTEED. Plus, you get instant access to discuss your case in the forum and ask any particular questions.


Lawyers/filing services charge $1,500 ...

Begin this course Now for just $97


 This course is right for you if you...


✔ Want to be sure you're doing everything right and not cause any delays/denials. Even if you're completely new or even have red flags. No experience necessary.


Start from scratch and end up with a final packet, ready to mail out. With the best chance at  approval. And no delays so you can finally being you lives together.


✔ Want the ideal amount of "proof of relationship" so they're instantly convinced you're legitimate


✔ Are a perfectionist (“by the books”) and can’t rely on anyone else to do it for you. You want to personally prepare your file knowing you did the best possible job.


[BONUS] ($50 value included for free) What happens after you file to make sure you’re on track of your case approval.


Please NOTE: The advanced topic of criminal history is not covered in this course.




BONUS - the advanced I-129F checklist
that I give to my paying readers

Here's a BONUS. I'm giving you my advanced I-129F checklist and cheatsheet. This is literally the same one I hand to my high-paying readers, my family or friends. Heck, if I had to do the K-1 process all over again, this is exactly what I'd use. It'll be yours for free.

One more time... compare the cost of a single phone call to a lawyer with the price of this course. Where professionals try to lure you into being a customer. Meanwhile, for the same price, you get my full course. Click to purchase and take the course Instantly or preview it.


Why you can't just "think about it"


Remember, once you mail out your petition, there's no looking back. Your opportunity to make the best impression with a spotless packet is gone after you drop the I-129F packet in the mail. 

You have to act now to prepare a pristine packet that gets you approved quickly. Remember, your I-129F determines whether your fiance stands there helplessly waiting for a denial or standing there confidently while the officer prints out an approval letter.



Once you mail out your paperwork, there's no second chance.


Don't regret passing this opportunity after denial.


Final question:


What's it worth to have your fiance in your life right now?


Click below to make it happen.


Begin Now $97



I'm grateful that you visited Visatutor, and I'm honored I'm a part of your journey to get your fiance into the country, I'll see you inside the course.