K-1 visa Interview Question and Answer practice form

How do you know what questions are asked at the interview? Things about your fiance(e), yourself and relationship will come up.  The consular’s final decision is based on your answers and overall case.

How should you prepare? While it would be easy to give you a long list sample questions for the K-1 visa interview, It’s better for you to prepare with the actual category of questions interviewers inquire into.  

  1. 1. Basic Biographic information
  2. 2. Marital Status (single/divorce/widow/annulled)
  3. 3. Family information
  1. 4. Relationship with fiance(e)
  2. 5. Your future plans together
  3. 6. Immigration/criminal history

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K1 fiance visa interview questions and answers worksheet for couples

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Prepare with this personal PDF practice form.  We break down 6 distinct categories of topics consular officers may ask about.  It makes sure you don’t miss any topic you should know already. Get a solid starting point to rehearse.  

Remember this main point: You’re getting the K-1 Visa to marry your fiance(e) in the US. You need to know him/her well.

After you download this, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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