Fiance K-1 visa Guides

It’s YOUR case, YOUR future and YOUR happiness. Learn how to make it a success.


4 ways to avoid a K-1 visa denial


Ready to file the K-1 visa? Wondering if you’ll be approved several months down the line at the K-1 interview?


4 things dictate 95% of K-1 visa approvals or denials. Figure out what problem your case has before you wait months with uncertainty for your K-1 interview.


Learn straight from statistics, facts and real cases.


It’s all about (1) Inadmissibilities and Ineligibilities (2) Severe Red Flags (3) meeting requirements and (4) understanding the K-1.


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Step by Step guide to get Your Fiance Visa Petition (I-129F) Approved


A rock-solid I-129F petition has 3 core ingredients (1) All required documents (2) Powerful proof of Relationship and (3) Quality over quantity.


A strong I-129F carries you to a quick K-1 visa interview approval. 


Let me take you step by step of how to strengthen your case with this course with the best tips, explanations and tactics to create a powerful I-129F petition that won’t be delayed, denied or rejected.  


A special focus on powerful Proof of Relationship, so your K-1 interview is a breeze.


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The best Proof of Relationship for a quick approval


From experience and research, I created this guide to help couples have a great chance at proving their relationship during the interview.


It’s one of the most important things to prepare for. Don’t leave it to chance, I urge you to prepare well..



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How to get a K-1 visa approval (Embassy stage)


A step-by-step guide on exactly how to get approved at the K-1 visa interview.


How to prepare documents, procedures for Embassy, and best tips to pass — even if you have dozens of “Red Flags”.



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Personal Case support by Prem


At your service. Providing unlimited case support. Email, text, phone or Skype. Let’s discuss what’s on your mind.


Full Case Support — even help drafting documents.